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April 6, 2023 by admin with 2 comments

5 Best Dry Trimmers for Small to Medium Grows [2023]


Twister BatchOne Go – $1,800 – $2,663 from 10 stores (click to view)

Experience seamless dry trimming with the Twister Trimmer BatchOne Go, designed to make the process efficient yet precise.

The BatchOne Go is engineered to effortlessly trim small batches while delivering hand-trimmed quality cuts. With an impressive capacity of five pounds per hour, this trimmer revolutionizes the way you approach dry trimming.

Built for quiet operation, the BatchOne Go can be used at any time of day without causing a disturbance to your neighbors or household members.

Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum and electropolished food-grade stainless steel, the BatchOne Go ensures that your buds remain uncontaminated. Maintenance is a breeze, as there are only six removable parts, no special tools required for assembly, and the motor is pressure washer compatible for swift cleaning.

  • Ability to trim up to 5 lbs of dried product per hour
  • High-quality construction using top-grade materials and a quiet, efficient motor
  • A lubrication-free mechanism to prevent contamination
  • Compliance with FDA standards for materials
  • Durable 304 stainless steel frame


Triminator Dry – $3,038 – $5,995 from 5 stores (click to view)

Introducing the Triminator Dry, a remarkably portable trimming solution that effortlessly processes up to 8 pounds of dried produce per hour. With its horizontally-oriented drum, this trimmer boasts a near-silent motor and precision cutting mechanisms, yielding results that rival the quality of hand-trimming.

Equipped with an ultra-quiet motor, the Triminator Dry trimmer minimizes friction within its slim drum, ensuring that the final product is both exceptional and produced with minimal damage or waste. Its sturdy steel frame and wheeled base allow for effortless repositioning, catering to your convenience.

Despite its lightweight design, the Triminator Dry is a powerhouse of efficiency, and its rapid setup time makes it an ideal choice for smaller-scale growers. Remarkably versatile, this trimmer offers:

  • An impressive capacity to process up to 8 lbs of dried product per hour
  • A sleek, low-friction drum design for an unparalleled cutting experience
  • A whisper-quiet motor, ensuring discreet operation
  • Easy portability and fuss-free setup
  • Food-grade construction, compatible with pressure washers for simple cleaning


Dry Batch Model 3 – $8,995 – $9,496 from 3 stores (click to view)

Introducing the Dry Batch Model 3 – a competitively priced, large-scale trimmer ranging from $8,995 to $9,496, available at 3 stores.

The DBT Model 3 is an aesthetically appealing, high-capacity trimmer with the ability to process up to 50 pounds of dried produce per hour. Its eye-catching black and red color scheme, combined with a sturdy steel frame, make for a sleek yet durable design.

Incorporating state-of-the-art soft tumbler technology and a variable speed motor, the Dry Batch Trimmer Model 3 consistently delivers a smooth, dependable trim with minimal waste. The adjustable stand, complete with casters, allows you to easily maneuver and angle the trimmer to suit your specific needs.

The Dry Batch Model 3 is a top-tier trimmer, designed to provide a reliable and precise trim every time. Key features include:

  • Impressive capacity to trim up to 50 lbs of dried product per hour
  • Robust, industrial-grade construction
  • Innovative soft tumble technology for optimal yield
  • Adjustable variable speed motor
  • Optional filter system for enhanced separation capabilities


Dry Batch Model 1 – $2,095 – $3,499 from 5 retailers (click to view)

Introducing the DBT Model 1, the industry’s most cost-effective dry batch trimmer, specifically designed for the delicate trimming of dried cannabis or hemp. With a capacity to trim up to 8 pounds per hour, this trimmer is perfect for home growers and smaller harvests seeking to optimize processes while maintaining high standards. The soft tumble technology ensures the DBT Model 1 delivers an impeccable cut every time, irrespective of the flower’s size, shape, or density.

For exceptional flowers, a superior harvesting solution is essential to preserve cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The market’s top-value dry batch trimmers are also the most gentle, and the optional Kief Filter Screen by CenturionPro efficiently collects any detached trichomes to maximize the harvest’s value. Constructed from stainless steel and featuring top-quality brand-name components, the Dry Batch Trimmers provide elite harvesting solutions that not only meet industry compliance but also surpass expectations.

  • Capable of trimming up to 10 lbs per hour of dry product
  • Attractive black design
  • Efficient mechanism and cutting blades
  • Soft tumbler to minimize damage
  • Filter screen upgrade to aid separation


Triminator Mini – $1,995 – $3,125 from 5 stores (click here)

Introducing the Triminator Mini Dry Trimming Machine, engineered for growers who favor dry trimming and require efficiency. With this award-winning portable trimmer, even hobbyists can benefit from an automated harvest process. The Mini Dry Trimming Machine operates swiftly, silently, and is remarkably user-friendly.

Delivering perfectly trimmed buds, this trimmer is designed to endure and stand the test of time. Boasting a trimming capacity of 2-5 pounds per hour, you can enhance productivity even further by using the optional pollen tumbler kit.

The ideal moisture level for Triminator Dry Trimmers is between 9% and 10%, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Capable of trimming up to 5 lbs of dry product per hour
  • Unique drum that requires no lubrication
  • Subtle quiet motor for maximum discretion
  • Easy to carry and set up
  • Attractive industrial design



8 months ago

My personal favorite is the Triminator Dry. Although the older motor models have reports of dying somewhat frequently. I was a victim of the bad motor and had to replace mine for $950. But Triminator has recently changed the model motor they use and from what I hear, everyone loves the new motors. I am also using the new motor and so far so good (knock on wood)


8 months ago

ive used all these except the DBT 3 and they all did a solid job

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